About us

Our Values

In operation since 1994 at MMC we believe in happy Clients, hence we will prefer to say « sorry » to a mission rather than presenting a contractor with the risk of failure.

MMC is not a consulting business in the traditional sense, and we prefer to call ourselves contractors. This means that we are a hands-on practice, focused on producing results rather than presentations.

MMC has always ensured the highest level of results by carefully selecting the contractors it affects to a mission. Proven track records and existing experience of work are key determining factors as to who we propose.

Although as for most missions a situation assessment is the first step, MMC experts are more prone to providing solutions that we then are more than happy to assist you in implementing. This can be under the form of a project or simply as an interim management activity.

MMC contractors are always ready to consider postings that will demonstrate their ability to produce results, be it on a short, medium or even long term partnership with a Client.


How do we operate?

MMC contractors never come with ready  made solutions or programmes. Every Client is different and we are proud to say that we are able to adapt to your needs and your objectives.

Given the years of expertise our contractors have in their respectives fields, each and everyone of them has his/her own approach to match the challenge at stake. We obviously use our own analysis templates, developed through years of practice, but these are only for your benefit, and we are ready to assist you in developing similar ones. Transfer of knowledge is our key objective, together with both people and organisation development.

The only exception to the rule is in the field of Customer Satisfaction , where MMC has developed an own process called Ask the Customer (AtC).



G_IDFoto_Feb2005Georgina Lestini

Georgina Lestini, Company Director and founder, is an internationally recognised

International Marketing expert in the field of Direct Marketing. With over 35 years

experience in the servicing industry working for American Express , France Telecom,

She has been an independent Consultant for over 16 years working across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

She is a Fellow Member of the IDM in the Uk and holds a diploma in Executive Coaching.






eFrançois Lestini

A recognised expert  in Customer Service and Training with almost 30 years experience

at American Express, Visa and France Telecom Mobiles International. Now an independent

consultant since 12 years Francois has applied his extensive experience to the fields of

Process Management and re-Engineering.

Francois speaks French, English & Italian (tri-lingual).