Training & Development


Training and Development will assist in ensuring that your company has a skilled and willing workforce through working towards improving the performance of individuals.

We at Mitchmark can help increase the knowledge and skills of your employees.

With a wealth of experiance on the field of Training & Developement, we are able to assist you in the following areas:

Training Needs Analysis: Develop yearly training plans.

On the Job training: Identify key critical learning steps. Assist in developing step by step logical learning experiances, thus reducing personal time needed to reach “autonomous” level.

General Office Skills: Time planning, procedures assessement, proposal and report writing, basic Trouble Shooting techniques.

Management skills: Team leadership, time management, organising meetings, decision making, problem solving, project management, presentation techniques

Executive Development: Business fundamentals (adapted), leadership, global management techniques: MBO/MBWA/MBQ

Executive Coaching