Customer Services

oapExceptional customer experiences yield considerable results and we at Mitchmark can transform customer experiences into creating a fully customer centric approach for your business.

Our Customer service experience spans across the entire customer life-cycle, covering the following areas:

Contract Registration and Activation: Process definition and mapping. Implementation to include Quality Assurance and Risk Assessment.

Contact Center Set-up and Management: RFQ’s for tools selection, process management, shift operation rationalisation. Recruitment & selection of candidates, training needs and delivery, trouble ticket management.

Contact Center Enhancement: front-line empowerment, intelligent call management.

Back-office Management: response automation, performance review and enhancement, procedures definition. Avoidable input management and eradication. Quality Assurance and control.

Credit Risk Management: strategy definition, performance analysis, objectives definition, tactical analysis. Behaviour scorecards identification and implementation.

Debt Recovery/Collection: Strategy definition, third party management and contract negotiation, field collection organisation.

Fraud management:  Fraud tools implementation and fraud strategy development

Loyalty & Retention : From Churn trends analysis to strategies for action definition. Retention teams creation, training and management. Objectives definition and monitoring (including incentives definition and management)